Crazy Stone (DVD) (Taiwan Version)

Crazy Stone (DVD) (Taiwan Version)
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Andy Lau’s FOCUS: First Cuts, a scheme to groom rising Asian directors, now presents another piece titled Crazy Stone. A low-budget film without a star-studded cast, the film has turned out to be a box office winner, grossing over 17 million RMB (over 2 million USD) in Mainland China. Director Ning Hao showed great potential with his debut feature Incense, winner of Grand Prize at Tokyo Filmex in 2003. His second film, Mongolian Ping Pong, was officially selected for the Berlin Film Festival in 2005.

Full of black humor, the film may be regarded as the Chinese version of Ocean’s Eleven, but with more comic twists. The story starts with the discovery of a precious jewel in a factory. This gemstone soon attracts thieves, triads, and treasure hunters, driving every worker in the factory crazy. Investor Andy Lau sings the theme song for Crazy Stone (included in his album Voice) to show his support..
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