Mugiko-san to (Blu-ray) (Special Edition) (Japan Version)

Mugiko-san to (Blu-ray) (Special Edition) (Japan Version)
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How would you react if a stranger showed up at your door and your brother told you that she’s the mother who abandoned your family? That is what the protagonist of writer-director Yoshida Keisuke’s (The Workhorse and the Bigmouth) Mugiko-san to has to come to terms with.

Mugiko (Horikita Maki, Hospitality Department) is an aspiring voice actress who shares an apartment with her older brother Norio (Matsuda Ryuhei, The Great Passage). Their father passed away three years ago, and their mother, Saiko (Yo Kimiko, Anata e), left the family so long ago that Mugiko doesn’t even remember her face. One day, Saiko reappears and asks to move in with the siblings. At first, both Mugiko and Norio are resistant, but soon Norio’s attitude softens and he allows Saiko to stay. However, he then moves out, leaving Mugiko alone with the woman for whom she feels only resentment. And then, as unexpectedly as the way she arrived, Saiko passes away from illness. Mugiko takes on the task of bringing Saiko’s ashes back to her hometown, and in the process, she goes on a journey of discovery about her estranged mother and herself.

This edition includes a bonus DVD..
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