Palace II (H-DVD) (End) (China Version)

Palace II (H-DVD) (End) (China Version)
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Arguably the most popular costume idol drama of China in 2011, Palace has broken television rating records and attracted a huge and devoted following. Now writer-producer Yu Zheng continues his Qing imperial legend in Palace II, the middle series of a planned trilogy. The first series’ main leads Mini Yang and William Feng return to make cameo appearances as Qingchuan and the Eighth Prince, while Mickey He reprises his role as the Fourth Prince, who has already ascended the throne as the Yongzheng Emperor. In the sequel, Yongzheng is involved in a romantic triangle with one of his younger brothers and a girl they both love, played by up-and-coming actors Du Chun (The Emperor Han Wu) and Yuan Shanshan, respectively. Other main cast members include Jenny Zhang, Shu Chang, Hai Lu, Yang Rong, Sun Feifei, Michelle Bai, Kent Tong, Tanny Tien, and Michelle Yim.

During the reign of the Yongzheng Emperor (Mickey He), the Seventeenth Prince Yinli (Du Chun) is deeply in love with Lian’er (Yuan Shanshan), the humble, good-natured daughter of a fourth-class court official. However, in a bid to rescue his mentor Aling’a (Kent Tong), Yinli makes the tough decision to sacrifice their romance and marry Princess Jia (Hai Lu) instead. Her heart all but broken, Lian’er wishes to leave the imperial palace behind for a simpler life outside, only to find herself caught in the middle of a heated conflict between various political factions and cliques. Just when Lian’er is nearly crushed by the complicated power struggles, she catches the eye of Yongzheng, and soon becomes his favorite concubine, Consort Xi….
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