The Lady Shogun And Her Men (DVD) (Taiwan Version)

The Lady Shogun And Her Men (DVD) (Taiwan Version)
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Five years in the making, Yoshinaga Fuyumi’s award-winning comic Ooku: The Inner Chambers finally arrives on the big screen with The Lady Shogun and Her Men. Depicting a fictional world in which women took up traditional male positions after a mysterious disease wiped out a majority of the male population, the series has been lauded for its ability to give a fresh spin on the Japanese period drama through gender reversals of social roles. Planned at the beginning of the comic series’ run, the adaptation by writer Takahashi Natsuko (Hana Yori Dango TV series) and director Kaneko Fuminori (Kisarazu Cat’s Eye) tells the story of the first series’ first chapter. In it, Arashi’s Ninomiya Kazunari (Letters From Iwo Jima) plays a man who enters the court of the Edo Castle and ends up becoming the chosen lover of the new shogun, played by Shibasaki Kou (Suspect X). The hit period drama also co-stars Horikita Maki (Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac) and Tamaki Hiroshi (Nodame Cantabile).

In the year 1716, a mysterious disease wipes out a majority of men, leaving only one man for every four woman. Gender roles have been reversed, with women taking traditional male roles and men becoming little more than reproduction tools. To save his family, 19-year-old Mizuno (Ninomiya Kazunari) enters the Inner Chamber in the Edo Castle, leaving his girlfriend Onobu (Horikita Maki) behind. There, Mizuno skillfully wins over schemers like Matsushima (Tamaki Hiroshi), eventually becoming the Chamber Groom. Meanwhile, when the young shogun dies, Yoshimune (Shibasaki Kou) is appointed to take over as the shogun. After Mizuno catches her attention, Yoshimune decides to name Mizuno her first bedmate. However, the job comes with potentially fatal consequences for everyone involved..
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