Final Victory (DVD) (Digitally Remastered) (Hong Kong Version)

Final Victory (DVD) (Digitally Remastered) (Hong Kong Version)
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Final Victory is finally available on DVD after 20 years!

Patrick Tam, director of the award-winning After This Our Exile, first made his name for creating artistically acclaimed movies with his daring 1982 work Nomad (starring Leslie Cheung, Cecilia Ip, Pat Ha, Ken Tong). His 1987 movie Final Victory is definitely worth re-visiting. Internationally renowned director Wong Kar Wai, yet to make his directorial debut at the time, co-wrote the script of Final Victory with Patrick Tam and Winnie Yu (now head of Commercial Radio Hong Kong). Also a Hong Kong New Wave director, Tsui Hark stepped down from his director’s chair to take up the male lead alongside Eric Tsang, now one of the most representative actors in Hong Kong, and sexy actress Loletta Lee.

Eric Tsang stars as the shy and timid Hung who has to choose between brotherhood and love. Tsui Hark portrays triad gangster Bo, who asks Hung, his younger sworn brother, to take care of his two mistresses, Ping (Margaret Li) and Mimi (Loletta Lee). But Hung soon falls in love with Mimi, and he realizes that their romance, if known to Bo, will end their brotherhood which he also treasures..
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